Growing up with Asian immigrant parents often means you grew up with love without hearing the words “I love you.” Their love may have been expressed through sacrifice, discipline, or maybe something entirely different like cutting you fruit every night after dinner.

“Love in Translation” is a group exhibition that explores the unique ways Asian Americans were loved by their parents and the understanding of it that may have come over time.

As the art curator for the show, I featured 7 local NY artists spanning canvas, digital, photography, and sculpture. I also helped produce the show in partnership with Meta Prosper and HBX (Hypebeast NY).

Artists: An Rong Xu, Aarman Roy, Clare Kim, Khôi Pham, Honorroller, Mischelle Moy, Wenjing Yang

Photography: Saliyl Dotson

︎ Press: Hypebeast︎︎︎

I created collateral for the gallery using a peeled apple to give a nod to the fruit my mom would peel for me growing up.

We welcomed over 100 guests at our opening night
with our partners Gugu Room, Lunar, Sanzo, and  Junglee.