Asian Americans are often boxed in by the model minority myth and are typically limited by expectations of being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.

Through this photoseries, we opened the aperture of who Asian Americans are and can be.

This project is especially meaningful to me because it was the first time I’d ever been on set with an all Asian cast and talent. It was unfamiliar, yet freeing to feel so comfortable and seen. I realized first hand how important it is to create space for the AAPI community.

To this day, this project inspires me to continue to drive change for the AAPI community in our industry and beyond.

Photography: An Rong Xu

Elissa, a 4’11” Chinese American collegiate level basketball player.

Sriram, an Indian American entrepreneur who left
his own company to pursue his dream of acting.

Amy, a Chinese American first born who felt the most herself once
she stopped fitting the image of what her parents wanted her to be.

Kai, a Taiwanese American artist who found his gender identity and chosen family through performance.